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The beginning of PGHF

Intensive short term disaster relief work in different parts of the world, such as working with the tsunami survivors in Thailand, the tribal Aetas after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines, and the survivors of the Katrina hurricane who were evacuated in Houston, Texas, inspired Dr. Elizabeth Garcia-Gray to jumpstart a humanitarian foundation to help address the needs of people surviving disasters, tragedies, and losses, locally and globally.

Her visit to Mubende and Gulu, Uganda underscored the dire need for clean water in different parts of the world, like Africa, where many are still drinking from contaminated waterholes, and where death from waterborne illnesses is rampant. There are still approximately 3 million deaths yearly from unsafe water.

Dr. Garcia-Gray's visits to Chad, Zimbabwe, Uganda and learning about the orphaned children of AIDS and child-headed families, volunteer mission work in the poorest areas of Costa Rica, working with the refugees in her community, made her realize even more the importance of community development and empowerment beginning with the focal point of safe and healthy water.

Though illnesses like malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, pneumonia are being treated, people, especially children under 5 years old, still die from contaminated water. Clean water. A human right. A basic need. Life starts there.

The goals of our organization include mobilizing and encouraging people to serve and volunteer both locally and globally in service of those traumatized by severe and acute life circumstances - through dedicated volunteerism on location, education, consultation, direct relief work, donations, fundraising, and/or donating time, partnering with others with the same cause, creativity, talents, and skills-sets. 

For PGHF, the suffering of the poorest of the poor include the refugees, those affected by man-made and natural disasters, those afflicted with physical and mental ailments and disabilities, those affected by the consequences of chemical dependency, those who undergo the tragedy of  isolation and  incarceration, and those who suffer because of the lack of basic needs like food, housing, and water.

Imagine supporting a rural community become a role-model in  healthcare. Then, imagine this community uplifting another. Grassroots helping grassroots. All starting with the basic needs and to eventual community sustainability and empowerment. There is clearly much to be done.

PGHF believes that everyone has the power to give. The poorest of the poor give us precious non-material gifts of humility, resilience, profound gratitude, dignity, grace under fire, inimitable faith. Each one of us has something to give.

Much like the mythological bird, the phoenix, the Phoenix Global Humanitarian
Foundation (PGHF)
 believes that people can rise up from the ashes of their tragedies and losses to give hope, love, compassion, and light to the world.

Like the phoenix, may you focus on the Light and radiate it to others. Thank you for visiting our website.

With kindest regards,

The PGHF team











2008 Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. PGHF is a 501(c)3 approved non-profit humanitarian foundation.

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